How can I afford to travel?

How can I afford to travel?

As I mentioned earlier, you most definitely can afford to travel in style and stay in great places even on an average income. There are a few culminating factors that will get you to this stage: Hard work, Determination and Savings – Sounds pretty simple I know but unless you’re lucky enough to have come into a lot of money, you’re going to have to work for it!

So basically you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary – You just really have to want it.

Set goals, visualise them and determine what you need to do to get there, then go out and do it!

Obviously not everyone is at the same stage in life and there are going to be things that will impact how long it’ll take you to reach your goals but as long as you stay focused and determined, you will get there. It’s taken my Sanjay and I, three and a half years of very hard to work to get to this point. We’ve saved every spare cent possible (we have a strict savings plan) there have been many times where we’ve chosen to forgo things we wanted, even things we thought we needed (gym memberships, satellite TV subscriptions etc)  in order to chip away at achieving our goal. It can be really hard, believe me I know but when you think of the reward you’re going to get (whatever it may be) after all your hard work, it’s definitely worth it.

Of course there are thing that will help you reach your travel goals faster, there are ways to access specials/discounts on flights and accommodation and even travel in business class for free – As we have! I’ll share these things with you a little later.

We’re still working on a major travel goal of ours and hope to achieve it in the next two years, we’ll be applying the same set of rules to get us there.

Happy travels, Priti x

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