The journey begins in your backyard!

The journey begins in your backyard!

The definition of travel – To go on a journey from one place to another.

When thinking of travel, a lot of people will envision exotic locations or stunning mountainous wonderlands, that you have to travel for quite some distance to reach.

In reality a lot of us already live in amazing countries and while travelling throughout the world is an extremely exciting and invigorating thing to do, we should also take the time to explore what we have in our backyard! I live in New Zealand, arguably one of the most scenic and beautiful countries in the world- there are some absolutely stunning places to visit here.

There are so many photos I could post but here’s just a few!

Exploring your own country is by no means second rate, there are potentially thousands or even millions of people who choose to travel throughout your country every year, shouldn’t you see what the fuss is all about?!

Seriously though, there are some great reasons why you should do it, here are a few…..

  • Definitely more affordable – Transport is cheaper, for example you’re not booking long haul flights and if you’re driving and using your own car, there are no rental fees. Who doesn’t love a road trip!
  • No need to sort out passports or exchange currency – A lot less planning is involved when travelling domestically, you don’t need a passport and you already have the right currency.
  • It’s familiar – You know the language, there are few if any cultural barriers and you know how the systems work, i.e. The road rules, tipping policies, you know how much things cost so there’s less chance of being ripped off.
  • Travel at your own pace – There’s no need to rush through the sites, you can always go back at a later stage, if you run out of time.

I’ve been to many places in NZ but I’m yet to travel through it extensively, I really hope to do so in the near future! So why not go on a domestic adventure, become a tourist in your own backyard and experience what is has to offer!

Happy travels, Priti x


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