Front row seats to The Lion King Musical – Broadway, New York

I’ve always wanted to see The Lion King on Broadway so when we made plans to go to New York, this was one of our must do’s. We didn’t book tickets in advance as we were told tickets were readily available for most shows, perhaps that’s true but in our case tickets to The Lion King were not!

I was gutted, we had three days left in NYC and I still hadn’t seen it. We went about trying to find out how to get tickets to the sold out show.

Absolute Wanderlust

First stop was the TKTS discount booth in Times Square – We got there at around 10am and the queue to the booth was already huge. We waited about an hour before we got to the front, only to be told that all tickets to all of The Lion King shows were sold out for the next few days.

TIP – If you want to buy discount tickets from the TKTS booth, get there super early to avoid waiting in the line and risking the tickets you want selling out!

Our next stop was the box office on 45th Street to try and get last minute cancellation tickets, we got there only to be told there were no more cancellation tickets left and to try again the next day. So Sunday morning we got up super early and queued up at the Minkskoff Theatre box office, two hours before it opened! We were second in line. We chatted with a British couple in front of us and the time passed reasonably quickly, the ticket office opened and the couple in front of us got front row seats! They got their tickets and wished us luck as they left.

My heart was pounding, I didn’t need a front row seat just tickets to the show! The attended told us we were in luck and he had another two front row seats, oh my gosh, you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face!!! What made it even better was the tickets ended up being cheaper than what you’d normally pay for such amazing seats.

Absolute Wanderlust

So we ended up going to the Sunday matinee session and it was absolutely mind blowing! The show is so well done, the costumes, dancers, actors, choreography it was all perfect, being in the front row meant you could also see into the orchestra pit!

I can’t rate it enough, even Sanjay who doesn’t like musicals & plays thought it was great. We’d absolutely recommend seeing it!

Happy Travels, Priti x

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