Cheap Flights & Free Upgrades!

Cheap Flights & Free Upgrades!

I’m going to share some of my tips on how to book great deals and get free upgrades on flights.

  • Be flexible, if you aren’t locked into exact travel dates, your odds of finding a great deal will increase dramatically!
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays are the least popular days to travel and this usually makes them the least expensive to fly.
  • Join airline frequent flyer/miles programs – The more you travel, the more the airlines will reward you with points/miles, you can use these points to buy discounted or even free flights! (Don’t just join one program, join several so that no matter which airline you book with, you’ll still be accumulating points).
  • Absolute Wanderlust Go to travel expos – Airlines work closely with travel companies and will release special fares just for the expos to promote themselves and their products, you can usually find some really great bargains at the expos not to mention a wealth of information on various destinations.
  • Check airline/travel websites each day – You may come across an awesome one-day only deal!
  • It’s been said that buying last minute or well out in advance will give you the best prices but most of the time this isn’t the case! There is no steadfast rule that will guarantee you the best deals all the time however a study conducted by CheapAir ( where research analysed 3 million airline trips) shows that prime window to get the best prices is approximately 2-3 months out from when you want to travel. Airlines release flights approximately eleven months in advance and at this time they are usually at their highest price, the airline will keep it that way until they get a sense of demand and will thereafter start offering up sales. (If you are travelling during the holidays or another busy period, booking in advance is usually the best option, otherwise you run the risk of flights selling out and/or paying exuberant prices!)
  • Sign up to airline websites – By subscribing to these sites you will receive emails advising you of sales in advance and sometimes they’re exclusive sales, so you’re not competing with the rest of the world to grab yourself a bargain flight!
  • Absolute WanderlustMost people these days have a credit card, so why not get one that will reward you for travelling? I didn’t pick my credit card based on the bank or best interest rate, instead I chose the one that benefit me and my travel needs! My credit card not only gives me frequent flyer points but gives me free flight upgrades! Do some research and find what will work for you – Banks and their partners (in this case the airline) will almost do anything to get your business, so why not make the most of it?! Here’s a pic from last year when I was upgraded for free to business class.
  • Be loyal – Airlines are more likely to offer upgrades to their members, so join up to their loyalty programs, even if it’s at the most basic tier, points wills accumulate and at some stage you may be rewarded with a free upgrade.
  • Check your emails prior to flying, sometimes the airline will offer you the opportunity to upgrade at a discounted rate, many people don’t check their emails and end up missing out on a really good deal!

Well I hope these tips come in handy the next time you’re booking a flight or looking for an upgrade, they’ve worked pretty well for me so far!

Happy Travels, Priti x



4 thoughts on “Cheap Flights & Free Upgrades!”

  • Which credit card gave you a free upgrade? I have my own credit card strategy and do find they are extremely useful for certain perks and to afford more and better travel, but have not come across the one for a guaranteed free upgrade. Looking forward to that secret 🙂 Happy Roving!!!

    • Haha no secret at all – It was promo they were running at the time, I got a free upgrade with my Mastercard 🙂

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