Hot Water Beach – Coromandel NZ

Hot Water Beach – Coromandel NZ

The weather in Auckland has been pretty average as of late and I’ve thinking a lot about the tropical destinations I’ve visited during my travels, how I wish I could be somewhere warm right now! Sticking close to home, I’m going to fill you in on the world renown Hot Water Beach – Where you’re able to dig your own hot pool in the sand!

Absolute Wanderlust - Hot Water Beach

Located along the Pacific Coast, Hot Water Beach is just a 2.5 hour drive from Auckland.

It’s a very popular spot for both locals and tourists alike and gets very crowded. It’s best to get there early to ensure you find a place to park and a decent patch of sand to dig up.

Sanjay and I went during the break over New Years and it was extremely crowded, it took us about 20 minutes just to find somewhere to park!

The hot springs are created by two underground fissures that pump water through the sand. The water temperature can get up to 64 degrees celsius, so be careful! The water is full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and silica and is said to provide health benefits, such as healthy skin!

The best place to dig is by the rocks on the southern side of the beach and the best time to visit is two hours either side of low tide, this is when the naturally heated spring water under the sand is exposed enough to bubble to the surface. Don’t worry if you forget to bring a spade (like we did!) the local cafes hire them out to you for a small fee.

Absolute Wanderlust -Hot Water Beach

Digging our little spa in the sand didn’t take long at all, Sanjay did the majority of the work but I did help a little…Once your pool is as big as you desire, hop in and relax! Unfortunately for us the beach was way too crowded and we didn’t find that sweet spot, we had to make do with just warm water in our pool!

Absolute Wanderlust-Hot Water Beach


Absolute Wanderlust Hot Water Beach


Absolute Wanderlust- Hot water beachIf the water does gets too hot or you just want a break from the heat, the Pacific Ocean is right next door, dip your feet in and cool down! I say dip your feet because due to the natural geothermal activity at the beach, swimming in the sea is not recommended. It’s prone to strong currents and rips. If you’re into surfing, the volatility of this area has given it a great reputation but extreme caution is advised.

There are other great beaches in the Coromandel area not far from Hot Water Beach which are much more suited for swimming.

Hot Water Beach is such a unique place to visit and the perfect destination for a mini road trip…And in true Priti style no road trip is complete without stopping for ice cream!

Happy Travels, Priti x

Absolute Wanderlust -Hot water beach (ice cream)


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  • I’ve never even heard of a beach like this Priti but it sounds like so much fun! Gives us adults a legitimate reason to get out a spade at the beach and start digging around in the sand whilst secretly feeling like big kids!☺

    • Absolutely Shikha! It’s an amazing little spot, you’ll have to visit it when you come to NZ 🙂

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