Travel Tips

Travel Tips

No matter where you go or what you do, whether your experiences are good or bad – Travelling is one of the most amazing things you can ever do. Here are a few of my essential travel tips to help make your adventures even better!

Buy travel Insurance – It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not going to burn through my savings in the unlikely event of an emergency or if things get lost or stolen. There are heaps of travel insurance companies out there offering really competitive deals, you just need to do a little research to ensure you’re getting the best plan for you.

Make copies of your important documents – Especially your passport, take a photocopy of it with you on your travels and also make sure you have it backed up online. I’ve heard stories of passports being stolen and people getting stuck in foreign countries, having a digital or physical copy, will definitely help to get you out of a messy situation faster.

Carry a first aid kit with you – A mini first aid kit from a pharmacy is fine but add a few extras such as pills for diarrhoea, rehydration sachets which will help replace electrolytes & fluids when you have the runs, anti-histamines for minor allergic reactions, hydrocortisone for skin irritations, motion sickness pills, cold and flu medicine, ibuprofen or similar for pain and fever.

Make lists – We make two lists, one with what we need to do around the house before we leave, for example arranging someone to clear our mail and water the plants while we’re gone, closing the front gate etc. The second list is of what to pack, sometimes you can forget the most obvious things (I’ve forgotten my tooth brush before!) we’ve learnt just to add everything we think of to a list, that way we won’t forget to pack it.

Try not to over pack! – As hard as it is, determine what you actually need and only pack that, if you’re unsure about something, it’s highly likely you won’t actually need it. You can always buy things overseas if you need to. (A good excuse to go shopping!)

Absolute Wanderlust - Shopping

Be flexible – Everything doesn’t always go to plan, no matter how hard you try. Don’t let delays and unexpected occurrences ruin your day. Remember where you are, be patient and make it all part of the adventure of travelling!

Stay hydrated on the plane – Especially on long haul flights, this means drink plenty of water not alcohol 🙂 You’ll get over jetlag much quicker!

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Pack ear plugs – A good sleep is paramount and ear plugs will help you achieve it. They muffle sounds on planes, trains and even the odd noisy hotel room.

Don’t stash all your cash in one place – If you lose your wallet or forget your bag somewhere, you’ll still have cash available to fall back on should you need it.

Pack a scarf or sarong – A very versatile item that can be used for all sorts of things, to keep warm, as a pillow, to cover your shoulders if you’re going to a temple, a towel, to block the sun, the options are endless!

Get up early – Yes you are on holiday but make the most of it! Watch the sunrise, attractions are less crowded the earlier you go and you can take amazing photos without hundreds of other people in them!

Absolute Wanderlust - Wake Up

Keep an open mind – Every country has its own customs and rituals, be respectful of these even if they’re quite different to your own views. Embrace the differences, ask questions and find out more about why they do things a certain way – You might even be surprised and change your own view!

Try the local delicacies – One of the best things about travelling is sampling the local cuisine! If you’re unsure where to go, tell the locals what you’re after and they’re usually really happy to give you recommendations.

Absolute Wanderlust - Local food

Keep a travel journal – This doesn’t need to be a comprehensive recollection of your travels, rather a place to jot down details you may not remember later, things you’ve seen, places you’ve visited etc. I find it a great reference point for me when I’m blogging or if my friends & family are wanting recommendations.

Be a little spontaneous – Don’t plan your itinerary before you go. I’m a really detail orientated person and I find this a little difficult but do something spontaneous! Spend a day randomly walking around a city/neighbourhood, exploring the unknown – Sometimes the best parts of your holiday happen by accident!

Absolute Wanderlust - Spontaneous

Try and learn a few basic phrases in the local language – You’ll be surprised how far a little words get you and the locals will be super impressed with you too 🙂

Take lots of photos – They’re best way to remember your adventures! (Ensure you pack extra batteries, charger and memory cards).

Absolute Wanderlust - Photos

I hope you find these tips useful!

Happy Travels, Priti x

2 thoughts on “Travel Tips”

  • Travel Insurance is possible the most overlooked thing and yet one of the most important things to have on a travel. Like you said, not only it will help if you get ill or someone steals your stuff, but most of them can help in extended delays on a flight.

    I love that you added Be Spontaneous to the list because that’s my favourite way to discover a place. I make a list of must see things and the rest I just wander around in the streets 😀

    • Absolutely Fabio, I think my worst travel fear would be not being able to get myself out of a bad situation and travel insurance is a great safety line! I have learnt spontaneity is a very important part of life so I try not to plan everything to a tee! I agree, walking around the streets is a great way to see and do random and spontaneous things 🙂

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