Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part II

Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part II

Continuing on from my last adventurous post, I’m going to share my cliffhanging experience in Taupo with you!

Taupo (pronounced toe-paw) is a gorgeous lakeside town, home to the largest fresh water lake in Australasia. Lake Taupo was created by a huge volcanic eruption some 27,000 years ago. The town is picturesque, romantic and a great place to get a little adventurous, hence Sanjay and I deciding to celebrate our wedding anniversary in this beautiful place!

Lake Taupo

Absolute Wanderlust - Lake Taupo

The happy couple!

Absolute Wanderlust - Taupo

Taupo Cliffhanger

Unlike the Auckland SkyJump I was actually quite looking forward to the Cliffhanger, especially since it didn’t involve me having to jump off anything! The Cliffhanger is an extreme swing out above the stunning Waikato River Valley. What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, than to freefall 44m, plunging toward crystal clear water below, with your partner?!

Walking to the swing site – If you look closely you can see the platform behind us

Absolute Wanderlust - Taupo cliffhanger

I wasn’t really nervous in the lead up to the big swing, maybe that was because we decided to do the tandem and I’d have Sanjay with me the whole time…I was pretty calm until we got out onto the platform and the crew started harnessing us up, that’s when the fear hit me… 44m was actually a lot higher than I had pictured in my head!

After the crew had finished crosschecking, we were told to lean back into our harnesses, like we were sitting in a chair, it was quite a strange sensation as we weren’t actually sitting on anything! We were suspended slowly, our legs dangling in the air before being lowered out and off the platform. Then we waited…for them to pull the release cord…

The nervous wave!

Absolute Wanderlust- Taupo Cliffhanger

3,2,1, SWING!!!

We were flying!…Well actually, we were freefalling then being swept up to almost 180◦ at a speed of 70kmph! I screamed in sheer terror and Sanjay unleashed a serious of very loud expletives after the first swing I burst out into hysterical laughter and couldn’t stop, I absolutely loved it! We went back and forth continuously and as the swinging slowed and we were being pulled back up to the platform we had time to really take in the amazing view.

The drop

Absolute Wanderlust TaupoCliffhanger

And we’re off!

Absolute Wanderlust -Taupo Cliffhanger

Absolute Wanderlust Taupo Cliffhanger.

Absolute Wanderlust Taupo - Cliffhanger

As far as wedding anniversaries go this was definitely the most exhilarating and adrenaline pumping one we’ve had so far!  I would totally recommend giving the Cliffhanger a go, if you’re ever in Taupo!

Happy Travels, Priti X

2 thoughts on “Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part II”

  • Woah, that looks like an amazing experience! Sort of slide, but not really a slide. I would love to do it, but I guess I’m bit crazy haha

    Even if you don’t like the idea of jumping out of anything, I think you should try jumping out of an aircraft with a skilled skydiver. It must be an amazing experience (it’s in my bucket list haha)

    • I think you’d love it Fabio, it was so much fun! Haha jumping out of a plane is definitely not on my bucket list though!;)

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