Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part III

Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part III

My adventurous trilogy ends in Queenstown – Also known as the “Adventure Capital” of the world! This absolutely stunning town is the perfect backdrop for adventurous times, set on the shores of Lake Wapatipu it offers the most picturesque scenery in of all New Zealand (in my opinion anyway!) There is a plethora of adrenaline pumping activities offered in Queenstown to really get your heart racing!

Absolute Wanderlust Queenstown (2)

Speaking of adrenaline pumping, have you ever tried jet boating? I’m going give you the lowdown on my Shotover Jet experience…

Sanjay and I were in Queenstown, celebrating yet another wedding anniversary 🙂 and jetboating was on my must do list. We chose Shotover Jet because they’re the only company licensed to operate within an exclusive area of the Shotover River, through the dramatic and extremely narrow canyons which have been carved out over the years by the masses of fast flowing water.

We took the complimentary shuttle for a reasonably quick drive to the river base, then were given a briefing of what to expect and what not to do while on board. After signing the usual waiver forms it was time to suit up… You will get wet on the ride, to minimise the wetness factor we were given spray-jackets to wear under our lifejackets (mine was way too big and I looked a bit ridiculous but at least I wasn’t going to get soaked!)

Absolute Wanderlust - Shotover Canyon

Absolute Wanderlust Shover Jet

Absolute Wanderlust - Shotover Jet

The 25 minute long ride is full on from the get go – We sped over the white water river before entering into the striking canyons, reaching speeds of up to 85kmph we flew past boulders while winding through the narrow canyons, water spraying up and around us with every turn! The best part was yet to come…The 360 degree spin…

Our driver said it was coming, so we were expecting it but it happened so quickly that it took me by surprise, we were spinning, we were exuding pure exhilaration, everyone on the jet shrieking with excitement and maybe a little terror! It was breath taking – literally! (I was so glad that I remembered to take my motion sickness pills that morning!)

Absolute Wanderlust - Shotover

The return journey was no less exciting, it was foot on the floor acceleration all the way back to the river base and I loved it! If you’re not into heights and want to do something exhilarating, I highly recommend jetboating, it’ll really get your blood pumping!

So that concludes my adventurous thrillogy (see what I did there :)) I hope I’ve inspired some of you to step out of your comfort zone and try new and exciting things…If a scaredy cat like me can do it, anyone can!

Happy Travels, Priti X

6 thoughts on “Getting a little adventurous in New Zealand! – Part III”

  • Good for you for being adventurous. I know for some people this type of activity is outside of the comfort zone. I for one would love doing this and if I ever find myself in the area I will be sure to look it up and book. Happy Roving!!!

    • Awesome, good on you Jo, it’s great that you’re so comfortable with these adventurous activities! I hope you get the opportunity to experience it in Queenstown, you’d love it 🙂

  • Jet boating looks amazing! But then again I love all those crazy stuff haha
    It’s great that you decided to risk a ride in the boat, even if you are a bit scared, the ride must have been amazing and enough to make you feel alive (and glad to be on safe ground haha)

    I also really loved that panorama picture, it looks amazing 😀

    • It was so much fun Fabio, I would definitely recommend it! Thank you, my husband took that awesome panoramic shot! 🙂

  • Haha, well the series has definitely made me have even more respect than I already did for people like you who are brave enough to push yourselves to give activities like this a go – but I’d be lying if I said that I’ll be following suit!! This sounds positively terrifying to me 😀

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