Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors

Although Halloween is growing in popularity in New Zealand, it’s definitely not an event that people mark on their calendars and we seldom see trick or treaters on the street, in saying that we do have a Halloween attraction that’s open all year and if you like getting the crap scared out of you, this is the place to go…


Imagine a former psychiatric hospital with a disturbing history that’s supposedly haunted, well that’s exactly where Spookers is located! The Kingseat Hospital was closed in 1999 and Spookers was opened in 2005, it is New Zealand’s only haunted attraction and scream park. The main attraction is the haunted house with actors hiding inside waiting to terrorise, with special effects and a lot of darkness!


Photo courtesy of Spookers

So why would I even want to go to a place like this?…I didn’t, I was coerced into it with a bit of peer pressure! Spookers is about 40mins south of Auckland city and we certainly did pick a great night to go, it was in the middle of winter, it was dark, windy and raining and I was secretly terrified.

There is a variety of attractions at the park, which also caters for the younger members of your family of the age of 8 or older – Children go through the haunted house in a larger group with a guide and the scares, well they’re less frequent and a tad more pleasant!

I would’ve been much happier doing the children’s version but of course that wasn’t going to happen, our group of five went for full scares! (R16) 

It started off reasonably ok, walking through a dimly lit corridor with eerie sounds in the background until we walked into the first room… It was dark, a red light lit up one corner of the room, so of course, I was staring into the corner waiting for someone or something to jump out and scare us, I was so wrong, a high-pitched scream filled the room, I spun around and standing in front of me was what I think was a zombie, bloodied and gross and she was shrieking, I screamed and ran out of the room back into the spooky corridor, she cackled insanely.


Photo courtesy of Spookers

What had I gotten myself into, my sister was almost crying, the guys with us were laughing like maniacs talking about how awesome that was and me… I just wanted to get out of there fast!

The frights progressively got more frightful and the actors scarier as we went through, zombies, deranged nurses, monsters, ghosts of old patients, freaky clowns and the list goes on… But by the end I had actually begun to enjoy it, I kept reminding myself that this was actually a weird form of entertainment not a real-life house of horrors, so I managed to relaxed a little and just went with it, I was smiling at the end and still alive 😉



Photo courtesy of Spookers

Apologies for the lack of my own photos in this post but I was way too preoccupied to take photos while experiencing this attraction and it’s too dark anyway.

Would I do this again?…Probably not because I’m just not built to be scared in this way!! However it was definitely a memorable experience and if you’re into this kind of stuff, it’s the place for you!

Have you visited a haunted house before? Did you enjoy it?

Happy Travels and Halloween! Priti X

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