Christmas gift ideas for a travel addict!

Christmas gift ideas for a travel addict!

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I thought now would be a good time assist those of you who are a bit stuck on what to get the travel addicts in your lives…

While it’s the thought that counts, it’s always nice to receive something you can actually use! I’ve compiled a list of things I think most travellers would appreciate, perhaps you might even treat yourself  🙂

Scratch Map

These things are fantastic, basically a giant poster of the world and the countries are covered in foil which you scratch off once you’ve visited it. Not only does it look really good displayed in your house but it’s also a great way to keep track of the places you’ve visited so far.

Road Tripping book

While travelling the world is always going to be amazing, the real journey begins in your backyard! It’s so important to explore what you have at home, I know I’m blown away whenever I travel throughout NZ! A great way to encourage people to see their own country is to get them a book about the awesome road trips you can do through it…A goal I’ve set for myself is to go to at least one place I haven’t seen in NZ each year – I’ve done well this year and visited 4!

Bluetooth Speaker

I love being able to listen to my favourite music while I’m on holiday, especially one where I’m just lounging around on a beach or at a park. A blue tooth speaker is the perfect way to get your sounds cranking without having to use headphones.

The Travel Book by Lonely Planet 

Lonely Planet has profiled every country in the world and put it all into a book entailing what to see, do and eat there, it also has some beautiful photography through it. This book would make an incredible reference for all travellers!

Toiletry carry case

I’m a traveller who likes pretty things so if your travel addict doesn’t…Maybe skip the next couple of gift ideas! I love being able to put my moisturiser, shower get etc in a cute little carry case and slipping in into my suitcase without having to worry about in leaking through my bag.

Travel themed bag

When exploring various attractions, most of us like to take a small bag with us to keep our personal items in, I recently came across the most gorgeous bag, it’s small but still big enough to keep the essentials in and best of all it has a map on it 🙂

Travel Journal

For those times when you can’t carry your laptop or tablet with you, a travel journal is perfect…You can still take note of those important details that you don’t want to forget later!

Travel themed laptop case

This one is quite self explanatory me thinks!

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist 

This book brings you 500 of the world’s most memorable attractions and they’re ranked…With some of the lesser known places even making the top 10. It’s a great read and will make you want to travel to these places even more…I’m sure your travel addict would love to check it out!

I hope my list has given you a few gift ideas 🙂

Happy Travels and Merry Christmas, Priti X

8 thoughts on “Christmas gift ideas for a travel addict!”

  • Hello my beautiful friend xx
    I love the travel gifts, great idea and I love reading the new updates on your blog. Have a blessed day and wishing you and Sanjay a very Merry Christmas , take care xox

    • Lovely Lucia, thank you so much, I truly appreciate your support so much! Merry Christmas to you & Joe and your family Xx

  • Hi Priti, I find this article about Christmas gift ideas absolutely fantastic! Wonderful ideas presented in a very likeable and creative way. Apart from the more ladylike gifts I would happily take all of the rest.
    You have a very readable way of writing your articles. Congratulations!

  • I wish there would be a “super like” option with instagram.
    Yet, a super fantastic collection, specially the theme bag, laptop case, travel journal.
    My personal favourite.
    P.s. I alway love reading your blog. They are very exploratory.

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