Meet the Blogger! – Catherine from Swiss Bliss Travel

Meet the Blogger! – Catherine from Swiss Bliss Travel

This month I’ll be introducing you to Catherine from Swiss Bliss Travel. Catherine is mad about her home country of Switzerland and specialises in luxury travel, read all about her luxurious and super interesting travel lifestyle below 🙂

Catherine give us a quick introduction:

My name’s Catherine Mikton and I’m Swiss – Born and raised in Switzerland of a Swiss mother and an American father. I’m 48 years old and have been a full-time mum to Anjali (18) and Arjun (15) for the past 13 years. I used to work in publishing in Geneva prior to this.

How long have you been travel blogging and what makes you do it?

I started my blog, Swiss Bliss Travel, in October 2016. After meeting two very successful bloggers, one at a yoga retreat in Spain (The Green Happiness), and another at an Instameet organized by Geneva Tourism (I want you to know), I decided to launch my own blog on Switzerland exclusively. I love Switzerland, I am a keen amateur landscape photographer and I appreciate luxury travel, I realized that a blog would be a perfect way of reconciling my different interests.

It was also a way for me to reinvent myself. After going through a difficult divorce, finding myself a fulltime mum with two teens who needed me less and less, I needed to find an activity to keep busy. Blogging gives me so much flexibility. I can still be there for my kids whilst being creative and doing something I love. It’s been a super positive experience.

What type of traveller are you and what does that entail?

I love travelling in style and I must say as I’ve got older, I’ve started spoiling myself more staying in 5 star hotels when I can. Having said that, I did do a fair amount of backpacking when I was in my 20’s and I’m a very keen outdoor person. In the past 4 years I’ve done a number of organised week long biking and hiking trips and I don’t mind roughing it at all.

I travel part-time, with a lot of short 2-3 day long trips in Switzerland, either at the weekend or during the week. Switzerland is so small that it’s quite easy to do that. I travel by train when I can, it’s far less stressful and I can work on board and update my social media. It’s also far more ecological!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I love living in Switzerland – I would love to live part-time in a mountain resort. I also love the sea and would love to live by a beach part-time, be it in Portugal, California or Thailand.


Besides the obvious, what is one item you can’t travel without?

My camera

What has been your best culinary experience while travelling? This answer made my mouth water!

I love creative cuisine using locally sourced produce. My best culinary experience has got to be some of the amazing fish curries I’ve had whilst travelling throughout India and the Seychelles, when I was in my 20’s.

In Switzerland, a good cheese fondue in a beautiful mountain setting is always a fantastic culinary experience! In a couple weeks, I’ll be trying out the “Fondue in the sky” experience in the Swiss ski resort of Villars. You basically are served a three-course meal, including a fondue, whilst travelling in a cable car!

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far and why?

I love Zermatt in Switzerland, both in summer and winter. I love the amazing hiking possibilities there, the skiing, the beautiful landscapes and the mountain vibe. Last summer, I climbed my first 4000m peak whilst there, the Breithorn, it was an amazing experience. This winter I took a helicopter ride whilst there and it was phenomenal – Taking in the beauty of the alps from a helicopter was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

I don’t have a “best place” destination. I love the islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and Seychelles, for their amazing beaches and their fantastic climate. I love India for its enormous cultural richness and diversity. I also love Thailand, which has become my “go-to” place when I need a break.

If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

Being able to travel without all the messy stuff in between, basically what you have to do to get from A to B: The flight (I hate flying), the airport security, the delays, the crowds, the bad airport food and the jet lag, of course! If I could magically get around without the actual travelling bit, I would just draw up a bucket list of places to see and enjoy visiting them one by one!

Favourite quote? This quote is beautiful and so true!

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die and the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility – Eleanor Roosevelt

If you had the opportunity to travel with someone just once, who would it be and why? I love Catharine’s answer here!

Michelle Obama – She is such an inspiring woman. I love her intelligence, her humanity, her positive attitude and her energy. I think travelling with her could end up being a lot of fun.

Funniest travel moment?

Last summer I was on a yoga holiday in southern Spain and I met a lovely group of women. We were practicing yoga three hours a day and eating super healthy, delicious meals. One day we decided to have a “little night out” in Marbella. We were all adamant we’d be back before midnight so we could get up for the morning yoga practice. We ended up going for dinner, then for a few drinks on the beach, then, well a few more drinks and ended up having the best evening out. In the cab on the way home, at 4am, Adele’s song “Hello” came on the radio, we just started singing along and then proceeded on to the song that came on after that all the way back, singing at the top of our voices. The cab driver ended up having the best time, he was laughing with us, cranking up the radio, and joining in with us as shimmied as best as we could in his cab! Let’s just say we never made it to yoga the next morning…

Best piece of advice you have for aspiring travellers?

Just do it! If you have the time and the money, even if you are on your own, do it. You won’t regret it. Since my divorce, I’ve had to learn to travel on my own. I have taken numerous trips as far afield as Thailand alone and I haven’t regretted it at all. If anything there are advantages to travelling alone – You can go where you want, when you want and you never have to compromise!

Quick Fire 10

Favourite food? Healthy, creative cuisine.

Morning, noon or night? None!!! Ok, I guess mornings, I always get a lot done then…

Somewhere you are desperate to travel to? South America

Coffee or tea? Herbal tea only, I gave up coffee and black tea five years ago.

Do you snore?! No but my dog does!

If you could choose a nickname for yourself, what would it be? Cat – short for Catherine, I always loved it when my ex-husband called me that.

Summer or winter? I don’t like the cold… kind of hard when you live in Switzerland!

The last item you purchased? A Burberry wraparound scarf, to keep warm in winter!

What kind of car do you drive? Audi A4, I need a good, reliable car for the kids, the dog and the mountains.

The person you admire the most? Coco Chanel

Wow, I feel like I know Catherine so much better now and what an amazing lady she is! Check out her blog and follow her luxurious travels over on Instagram!

I have another awesome blogger lined up for you next month, stay tuned and as always….

Happy Travels, Priti X


4 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger! – Catherine from Swiss Bliss Travel”

  • This is a lovely article and summarizes the grace and elegance of Catherine Mikton. I met Catherine through Instagram — I’m based in Texas and she took the time to share some of her favorite spots and offered tips of what I should do and see while planning a trip to the Zermatt area. It’s always so wonderful to chat with locals online but Catherine and several of her Swiss friends arranged to show me the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces last summer. We spent the entire day exploring and photographing the area. The hurdles and anxiety of traveling solo are always high but when you meet people like Catherine, the travel experience is amplified. Catherine has impeccable taste and her candid reviews and observations are exactly what bloggers should strive to exude. I’ve been following her blog and though my time was short in Switzerland, I’m looking forward to returning.

    • Hi Linda, what a lovely comment! So great to hear you had such a fantastic experience in Switzerland with Catherine 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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