Southern Sweetness – A guide to all things sweet in the southern states!

Southern Sweetness – A guide to all things sweet in the southern states!

Well you already know it, I love the sweet stuff and during my trip to various southern states of the USA last year I did my best to sample as much of it as I could. In this post I’ll be sharing my delicious findings with you 😊

Café Du Monde – New Orleans, Louisiana

The original Café Du Monde established in 1862 was a coffee stand in the New Orleans, French Market. Famous for its beignets (square, French doughnuts) served hot and sprinkled with a generous serve of powdered sugar. Café Du Monde is open 24/7 except Christmas Day!

Funnel Cake – Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando, Florida

Funnel cake is basically sweet dough which has been pushed though a funnel then fried, it’s then topped with whatever you want – Usually powdered sugar, chocolate sauce or fruit. This was probably one of the most unhealthiest sweet treats I had on this trip (#sorrynotsorry) and I got mine topped with soft serve hehehe!

The iconic Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich – Disney World Orlando, Florida

This treat is offered at most carts and snack stops throughout the Disney Parks. Delicious cookies and cream flavoured ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate cookies shaped like Mickey’s face! 😊 The cookies are soft but not soggy, this is one super satisfying snack!

Wink’s Buttermilk Drop Bakery – New Orleans, Louisiana

‘’World Famous” for their buttermilk drop and glazed donuts. Similar to a regular donut the main difference being the drop is small, round and doesn’t have the hole in the centre. As per New Orleans tradition, it is coated with cinnamon sugar once it’s been fried.

Lard Lad Donuts – Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

I’m sure most of you have seen at least one episode of the Simpsons at some stage and will be aware of the pink sprinkled donuts made famous by the show, well the Lard Land Donuts stand sells giant ones! Just like the regular pink sprinkled donut but super sized!!! 😊

Vivoli Il Gelato – Disney Springs Orlando, Florida

An authentic Italian gelatoria, this is a very popular spot with queues at most times of the day. We went in the evening after dinner and found there was still a queue but we only had to wait a few minutes before being served. We sampled the pistachio and coconut and it was definitely worth the short wait.

Sucre – New Orleans, Louisiana

An artisan dessert shop which serves, gelato, desserts, chocolates and macarons. If you love desserts, definitely check out this place!

Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop – Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

We were walking through Zuess Landing when I spotted this place and I seldom walk past ice cream without purchasing it! Their specialty is ‘Sundae on a Stick’ I got mine coated in chocolate and covered in nuts….YUM!

The Candy Barrel – Fort Worth, Texas

For you candy lovers out there… In the historic Stockyard District of Fort Worth is Candy Barrel – The name is quite literal, as you pick all of your candy out of barrels! They’re well known for their extensive toffee selection that will take you right back to your childhood 😃

Gelato Sandwiches – Disney’s Epcot Park Orlando, Florida

Located in Italy in the world showcase, these are just like ice cream sandwiches but maybe a little bit better! Pick your choice of gelato flavor, and watch as they generously scoop it between two cookies and create your hand-made dessert! If you’re not into gelato (who isn’t?!) they also serve other Italian desserts such as affogato and tiramisu.

Pralines – New Orleans, Louisiana

Pralines are named after a French diplomat from the early 17th century, César, duc de Choiseul, comte du Plessis-Praslin but the actual creator of the praline is believed to be his personal chef, Clement Lassagne. The Louisiana pralines are sugary, creamy, pecan-laden candy and they taste so good! They’ve quickly spread throughout the New Orleans culture and become a popular treat among locals and tourists alike.

Pineapple Dole Whip – Disney World Orlando, Florida

These are one of my favourite things ever, so each time I’m lucky enough to visit one of the Disney Parks, I make sure I have a few of these beauties! They’re pretty basic but soo delicious, it’s just pineapple soft serve dessert and if you like it can be turned into a float by adding pineapple juice! They are perfect for those hot days at the parks and you need something cool and refreshing to get you going again.

Wetzels Pretzels – Disney Springs Orlando, Florida

Giant cinnamon pretzel anyone…Need I say more?!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my sugar laden, sweet treat collection from the southern states, I certainly did 😝

Happy Travels, Priti X

14 thoughts on “Southern Sweetness – A guide to all things sweet in the southern states!”

    • Thanks Valonia, everything was so scrumptious! Ohh cool, I look forward to stopping by your blog 🙂

  • There are so many amazing sweets from New Orleans and it is high up on my bucket list! Those beignets look incredible <3

  • This made me hungry and crave for sweets! Too bad i was ill for the past days 🙁 But im pretty sure to grab something when i get better, i like the last one most! 😍😍😍

    • Ohh no, I hope you’re feeling better Jo!xx Hehe I find it so hard to stay away from the sugary stuff when travelling, it’s soo good and yes the cinnamon pretzel is divine! 😛

  • Delicious article! You must have been in absolute heaven over there 🙂 The Pralines shop looks amazingly well decorated and I love the fact that in your featured photo, the American flag is pointing out of your ice-cream!
    When I still worked in hospitality, we had a lovely elderly lady who always came with her husband on Saturday mornings, and while her husband ordered from the lunch menu, she always picked one of our home made cakes or pastries for lunch and she always said; ‘ life is short, you should eat dessert first ‘ 😉

    X Jo

    • Thanks Jo! I think that’s the perfect saying and fits in with my sweet tooth very well hehehe 😛 The pralines tasted so much better than I thought, I was very pleasantly surprised! I’m glad you noticed the American flag in the ice cream shot too!

  • Priti these all look so good. I am also a big sweets fan and am heading to New Orleans later this year. Can’t wait to try cafe du monde. I am afraid I will gain way to much weight while there.

    • New Orleans is so much fun Jo! I know you’ll love Cafe Du Monde!… Hehe all those sweet treats did nothing for my waistline either! 😛

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