Meet the Blogger – Travel Kiwis

Meet the Blogger – Travel Kiwis

This month I’m interviewing Terry & Maura from Travel Kiwis, it makes me so happy to be introducing you to fellow travel bloggers from NZ!! These guys sold their home, quit their jobs and now travel the world full time…Pretty inspiring huh?!

Guys give us a quick introduction:

We are Terry and Maura McKenna hailing from Wellington in New Zealand, we are travellers, house sitters and bloggers.

How long have you been travel blogging and what makes you do it?

We’ve been blogging for just over one year, documenting our travels through Asia (4 months), Europe (7 months) and USA (1 month), to keep family and friends up to date and to highlight to our new subscribers the opportunities of travelling to smaller and less familiar places around the world.

What type of traveller are you and what does that entail?

We are comfort travellers – housesitting, mid-range hotels, staying with friends

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

We are still investigating and exploring but it would be somewhere with year-round warmth, plenty of bush walks, nice beaches for swimming and snorkeling and with easy access to transport.

Besides the obvious, what is one item you can’t travel without?

Terry takes his Sony DSC-HX90V camera with him everywhere, it is small enough to fit in his pocket but powerful enough to take great photos. Maura loves Neutrogena 70plus Facial sunscreen and wears it even on cloudy days.

What has been your best culinary experience while travelling?

Our best culinary experience was a day trip to Africa for lunch! We took a fast ferry from Tarifa in Spain to Tangiers in Morocco. We did a short tour of the Medina then had a wonderful Moroccan lunch – delicious platter of olives, bread, crepes and three dips – chili, eggplant and ratatouille.  The dips were divine but we had been advised by our guide Ahmed not to eat too much as there was plenty more food on its way.  Next came Harira, a soup containing lamb, lentils, chickpeas and noodles spiced with cinnamon, ginger cayenne and turmeric – so flavorsome!  As we were reflecting on that, we were presented with a pastilla, a pastry called bric (Moroccan filo), filled with a mix of chicken and ground almond. The firm filo was coated in sugar and cinnamon – it was one of those dishes that just overwhelms you with flavour. The chicken tagine and couscous that followed were good but maybe we are a little biased as  Terry also makes a pretty good tagine too! If that wasn’t enough, a fruit bowl with grapes, bananas, mandarins arrived, followed by Moroccan mint tea and a piece of baklava.  We had been given a real treat of a meal, and were surprised it was only €12 each!

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far and why?

It is so hard to pick just one place from the many amazing places we have been but Hangzhou, China was an unexpected place of beauty. West Lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens, walkways, pagodas and bridges dating back to the early centuries. We spent three days in Hangzhou and each day did a circumference of the lake exploring and finding new places of interest.

If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

The ability to instantly teleport ourselves to our next travel destination, though there would still be times where we would opt to travel in more traditional ways.

Favourite quote?

Collect Memories Not Things – After a year of travel, our photos are our souvenirs, we’ve only bought one or two things that could be classed as souvenirs but they also serve another purpose, for example, jewellery.

If you had the opportunity to travel with someone just once, who would it be and why?

We would love to travel with Richard Branson – The conversation would be amazing, we love his entrepreneurial spirit, his fervor for travel exploration, his desire for new experiences and of course the first-class travel would be a bonus!

Funniest travel moment?

Our funniest travel moment was in Yangshuo, China – We spent an evening at a local bar, which we had to ourselves with four other travellers from our group. The owner decided not to let anyone else in and we had fun singing and pretending to be confident on the band equipment while rocking to Guns ‘N Roses we created quite the attraction, the street outside was filled with onlookers watching our performance!

Best piece of advice you have for aspiring travellers?

Slow down – it’s better to see fewer places, stay longer and get to know the area well.

Quick Fire 10

Favourite food? Nasi Lemak from Little Penang, in Wellington NZ

Morning, noon or night? Morning

Somewhere you are desperate to travel to? Croatia

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Do you snore?! No

If you could choose a nickname for yourself, what would it be? Travel Kiwis

Summer or winter? Summer

The last item you purchased? Outdoor Research Lightweight Shirts

What kind of car do you drive? That depends on the house sit

The person you admire the most? Richard Branson

Terry and Maura are still travelling and continue to explore through lesser known destinations, check out their adventures over on their blog or take a look at their inspiring pics over on Instagram!

I have another awesome blogger lined up for you next month, stay tuned and as always….

Happy Travels, Priti X

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