Meet the Blogger! – Joella from Roving Jo

Meet the Blogger! – Joella from Roving Jo

This month I’m interviewing Joella from Roving Jo! Jo is one of the loveliest and most genuine bloggers I know and I’m so happy to introduce you to this amazing lady! 🙂

Jo, give us a quick Rundown:

My name is Joella although many simply call me Jo. I am originally from Venezuela but have lived more than half my life in South Florida. I work full time in Human Resources and Benefits Administration but also have a global cosmetics business and of course my travel blog.


How long have you been travel blogging and what makes you do it?

I have been blogging for about 9 months now but have been traveling all my life. I started blogging because friends and family always asked me for tips and to share my adventures. I realised I could help others find some travel inspiration.


What type of traveller are you and what does that entail?

It is hard to place me in a category because I do a bit of everything. I consider myself a part time traveller as I also work full time. I explore my home state on the weekends, travelling locally in-between my out of state trips. I enjoy sharing my love of travel with my family but do travel without them on occasion and enjoy those solo trips just as much. I try to find a balance between travelling in luxury and on the cheap. Usually this involves using points and rewards to travel more and better. In the end it is all about finding balance between everyday life and travel adventures.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

If money was not an issue I would be a citizen of the world, living in different places for a year or two at a time. I would love to spend enough time in each place to really get to know it and appreciate the culture. Then move on to another country until I have covered every country in the world… If you are going to dream, might as well dream big.

Besides the obvious, what is one item you can’t travel without?

I could probably travel with nothing but my camera, I really do not need much. But if a camera is something you consider obvious then my next choice would be my packing cubes. They make life so easy and keep me organized.

What has been your best culinary experience while travelling?

It is hard to pick just one. I am a bit of a foodie and like treating myself to nice meals. Some of the best ones I have had where in California. We had a price fix meal at Gary Danko in San Francisco which was fantastic but a bit pricy. For a less expensive and less pretentious meal I really enjoyed Gott’s Roadside  in St. Helena, CA.

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far and why?

Scotland, this is without a doubt the best country I have visited so far. It really has it all, great cities, amazing hiking and scenery, beautiful beaches, great food, warm and friendly people, and so much history and fantastic castles. Here are my top 10 reasons you should visit Scotland.

If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

Teleportation, the ability to transport myself, along with nearby people or objects, to another place. For someone like me who loves to travel this is the perfect superpower. It would allow me to travel anywhere in the world for a day or a weekend.

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote is a popular one and one I live by… Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before – Dalai Lama.

If you had the opportunity to travel with someone just once, who would it be and why?

I would like to travel with one of the worlds travel pioneers, Marco Polo comes to mind. He was a world explorer but travel to him was about more than just exploring a place, it was about getting to know the people and the culture and finding the joy in travel.

Funniest travel moment?

A funny travel moment usually involves something going terribly wrong or a moment that helps you grow. I actually love these moments because it shows reality and that travel is not always glamorous…

I normally like arriving early at the airport so I do not feel rushed or God forbid miss my flight. I was in college and going on a backpacking trip across Europe. My journey was starting out of Miami International Airport on a smaller less known airline that only travels a few days a week (yup it was really cheap and when you are a student on a budget that is all that matters). I got ready early, strapped my backpack on and headed to the airport with plenty of time to have a nice relaxing meal and read a book while I waited for my flight. Once I arrived at the check in counter I could not believe my luck – it was empty. I was so happy that I had arrived early enough not to contend with a mob of other travelers checking in. I approached the desk and jokingly asked if I was the only traveller on the flight? But guess what? I was not the only traveler on the flight…  All other passengers were already on board and the flight was getting ready to depart! I ran as if my life depended on it and thankfully made it on board. Come to realise I misread the departure time. It was in 24 hour time and I did not see the first number. I laugh about it now but at the time it was anything but funny. Lesson learned and this has never happened again.

Best piece of advice you have for aspiring travelers?

Nike said it best – Just do it!!! I promise you won’t regret it – In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.


  1. Favourite food? Seafood
  2. Morning, noon or night? Morning – When the rest of the world is still asleep
  3. Somewhere you are desperate to travel to? Iceland
  4. Coffee or tea? BothCoffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.
  5. Do you snore?! No, you are safe sleeping in my room.
  6. If you could choose a nickname for yourself, what would it be? I like Jo it is short and easy.
  7. Summer or winter? Autumn!
  8. The last item you purchased? Lavender scented salt scrub
  9. What kind of car do you drive? 2010 Acura MDX
  10. The person you admire the most? My husband, he is out there every day making the world a better place and his love and unconditional support mean the world to me.

I’ll end with a quote from the ever inspriring Jo… Life is a balancing act but we should never be too busy to travel!  Stay tuned for another great blogger next month 😀

Happy Travels, Priti X

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  • Ah, this was an excellent morning read!

    Thanks to both Jo for sharing and to Priti for compiling it! I will check all your other episodes as these series make us much closer to the personalities behind the beautiful words and faces <3

    • So glad you enjoyed the interview Svet, it’s so interesting learning more about other bloggers!!! 😀

    • Thanks Susan, I’m glad you think so! I’ve known Jo for a little while now, we connected through instagram. When I started this segment I gave other bloggers the opportunity to be a part of it and that’s how this all came about 🙂

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