Melbourne – Stay

Melbourne – Stay

Melbourne is a multicultural melting pot, set amongst gorgeous Victorian architecture and when we were presented with the opportunity to visit (to attend a friend’s wedding) we didn’t hesitate! You won’t get bored in this amazing city, there are so many places to stay, so much food to eat and so many places to play! I’ll be putting together three guides to Melbourne – Stay, Eat and Play and if you’re a first timer to this city, they’re gonna come in handy!

During our short stint in Melbourne, Sanjay and I managed to stay in three different properties, which I’ll be reviewing in this post.

Adelphi Hotel – 187 Flinders Lane                          $$$$

Most of you know I’m obsessed with desserts… I know you’re wondering where I’m going with this! Well, the Adelphi is, as far as I’m aware, the world’s only dessert themed hotel! Yes, you read that right DESSERT themed! So I was truly in my element here 😉

The Adelphi has been converted from a 9 storey warehouse building to a gorgeous little boutique hotel with just 34 rooms. You won’t find a traditional front desk when you walk into the lobby, rather a horse drawn one, with a glass jar full of jellybeans on it! The little stools in the lobby resemble liquorice all sorts and then there’s that striking piece of artwork by the lift.

We stayed in their entry level room – Comfy King. The room was appointed with both retro and industrial features from round mirrors to furniture resembling candy with its bright colours! The bathroom is where the industrial side comes in, with a very large stainless steel vanity, to make it a little luxurious the Adelphi offers Appelles Apothecary bathroom amenities, the only down side was that the lighting was a little dim in the room.

The best part though…. The complimentary mini bar, which is loaded with a great variety of both sweet and savoury delights and is replenished each day!

Before I forget, the hotel has a roof top pool and deck area, what makes it really cool is that the last two metres of the pool cantilever off the end of the roof and that part of the pool is glass bottomed so you can look down at the people walking on the street! Unfortunately, the pool heating was turned off when we were there, mixing that with the extremely chilly Melbourne weather meant we didn’t try it out!

Did you used to watch Sesame Street when you were a kid? Do you remember Cookie Monster saying OM NOM NOM while munching away on a cookie? Well the Adelphi’s restaurant was named after the phrase. Om Nom offers sharing plates as well as signature desserts and cocktails. The restaurant is dimly lit but it adds to the ambience, swinging seats and comfy cushions make for an interesting décor.

We were treated to cocktails and desserts on our last night at the Adelphi and we were not disappointed! To drink Sanjay had a Toasted Pecan Negroni, which is smoked roasted pecan gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, pecan and chocolate bitters. Served with smoke and a side of roasted pecans! I opted for a non-alcoholic Marshmallow Colada, consisting of coconut water, pineapple juice, vanilla syrup and roasted marshmallows, drool!

Now for seductive and spine tingling main affair, here’s what we had… Om Nom Chocnut Bomb 2.0, consisting of a peanut butter parfait, peanut butter powder, chocolate coated rice bubbles, raspberry fluid gel and a dehydrated chocolate mousse. Dessert number two was Granny Smith’s Panacotta Party, which was all about vanilla panacotta, green apple jelly, cinnamon and white chocolate powder, compressed apple, green apple sorbet, lime and green apple meringue, apple fizz and white chocolate aero…phew!

After the incredible party in our mouths, we headed back up to our room, which was when I noticed the artwork along the hallways, desserts! Lovely subtle images that represent what this hotel is all about. If you’re looking for unique, inner city accommodation, where the staff are kind, the rooms gorgeously appointed, the food sweet and the minibar free, look no further than the Adelphi! ❤

St Jerome’s Hotel – Level 3, Melbourne Central               Cost – $$$ ½

St Jerome’s is not your average hotel, there are no rooms as such… here you’ll be Glamping, city style on the top of a shopping mall! The rooftop houses 21, luxury canvas bell tents, a communal bar and lounge area, sauna and toilet/shower amenity units.

I haven’t been camping since I was a kid, the last time I slept in a tent I was 14 years old, so glamping in the city was the perfect way to ease me into it again. Let me tell you St Jerome’s doesn’t disappoint! Sanjay & I were very kindly upgraded to ‘The Lodge’ this is St Jerome’s largest and most luxurious tent 😃 The 6m tent has a queen bed, a couch, a heating/cooling system, storage for your clothes/personal belongings and a complimentary box full of chilled drinks. The WiFi worked really well in the tent too.

Our first impressions were very high, as soon as we walked into the reception area (which is accessed through the mall entrance) we were made to feel special. The check in process was quick and hassle free and we were given macaroons and offered tea….best check in ever! Our bags had already been taken into the tent as we’d dropped them off earlier in the day. After check in we were given a personal tour of the rooftop area and shown to our tent (which was toasty and warm), where I spent about my first 20 minutes just taking photos and making Instagram Stories because I was so impressed!

I know some of you may be put off by staying on a mall rooftop but once you’re up there you don’t feel like you’re at a mall at all. The area is only for guests of St Jerome’s and is very private and surprisingly quiet, we didn’t hear much traffic noise off the surrounding streets at all. It has a calm, relaxing feel and is tastefully decorated, making you feel like you’re in a cute little retreat rather than on a rooftop!

St Jerome’s has an all inclusive rate, which encompasses the following goodies: In tent beer and cider, sweet treats on arrival, cocktails for two between 5-7pm, game of tenpin bowling at the bowling alley next door, gelato delivered to your tent, Sleep time tea before bed, sauna sessions, breakfast delivered to your tent the next morning, including tea & coffee. So basically everything you need for a stress free luxury camping trip!

After dinner at a nearby restaurant we retired to our tent, got into our PJ’s and watched movies on Sanjay’s laptop, a quarter of the way through we text the reception desk asking for our gelato, a staff member turned up at our door not too long after with a selection of flavours to choose from, we settled on pistachio and strawberry respectively and after a relaxing night of watching movies and stuffing our faces we fell asleep with no trouble at all. (Eye masks and earplugs are provided in case you’re a light sleeper, that may be disturbed by the odd city sound).

Waking from a surprisingly sound sleep we made our way to our amenities unit and got ready for the day, then packed our bags. Around 8.30 breakfast was delivered to our tent and what a spread it was… Hot breakfast burritos, yoghurt, muesli, fruit, banana bread, tea, coffee, mimosas… We were stuffed by the end of it!As you can probably tell, my first ever glamping experience was awesome, being in the city made the experience even more unique and I loved it! Highly recommended!!

Brady Hotel – 30 Little La Trobe Street                               Cost $$$

Tucked away in a cute little laneway lined with a splattering of street art is where you’ll find the Brady Hotel but don’t be fooled, just because it’s tucked away doesn’t mean it’s not in a great location, it most definitely is! Just down the street from the supermarket, around the corner from some great restaurants and Melbourne Central.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the reception area is how small it is, cute with a little waiting area, including a TV but really small. The reason you’ll see quite a few people congregated in this area is for the WiFi – The hotel gives each room a total of 500mb of data each day (which, with a couple of devices is used up really quickly) but it’s supposedly unlimited in the lobby, so some people come down and use the lobby WiFi once they use up their daily allocation.

Check in was quick and easy and we were given a king room on the 4th floor. The room was warm and inviting and even had a small balcony! The décor flaunts wooden furnishings with orange accents. Wooden cabinetry is carried through to the bathroom, alongside striking black tiles and beautiful rose gold tap wares. The room also has a small dining table and tea/coffee making facilities. As lovely as our room was, the same can’t be said about our first night there. Street noise and an extremely loud air con unit kept us up most of the night.

I was quick to call down to reception the next morning, to see if we could be moved to another room, we were advised there was a room available on the 12th floor and to bring our bags down to reception where they’d issue us with new room keys. While I was glad the staff were accommodating enough to move us to a quieter room I was somewhat annoyed at the fact we had to takes our bags all the way down to the ground floor, only to have to take them back up to the 12th floor again. Our new room was much smaller than the original but we’d rather that than being kept up all night.

Once our room was sorted we checked out the hotel’s café, Little Charlie for a quick on the go breakfast, they have a great little selection of delectable breakfast delights and the coffees and other hot drinks are a bargain!

While my experience at the Brady wasn’t as good as my previous accommodations, it’s still a good value for money offering, in a great location.

Well that’s my round up of Melbourne accommodation, I hope it gives you an idea of what’s on offer if you decide to visit this incredible city.

Happy Travels, Priti X

11 thoughts on “Melbourne – Stay”

  • I love the look of that rooftop tented accommodation! So cool. Did I get it right – you actually stayed at all three places during just one visit? All for the sake of research for the blog, or do you like packing/unpacking so much? 🙂

    • Hi Jurga, yep glamping was so much fun! We were in Victoria for almost two weeks, so it was the perfect time to try out a few types of accommodation and we were travelling pretty light so it was no trouble moving around at all! 😉

    • Thanks Svet, it really is a cool place to visit! I know right, who could resist staying in a dessert themed hotel?!! 😉

  • Wow! I particularly love the rooftop tent on the shopping mall! That is absolutely unique! And the only dessert themed hotel in the world… You definitely stayed in some amazing places in Melbourne. Will defo keep those in mind for our future Melbourne visit. I always love those accomodations who are out of the ordinary. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your stay and play guides! Enjoy your weekend! X Jo

    • It is Agness 🙂 There are some really great accommodation offerings around, to suit all types of travellers!

  • Those are fantastic accommodations and very different experiences at each. I love the first hotel with the dessert theme. How unique and scrumptious. All the drinks and food sounded amazing and the pool quite awesome even though it was to cold for you to use. Then the tents – how fun. I watched your stories in IG and immediately knew this was a place I wanted to try. Sorry your experience at the last hotel was not as good but the value and location make it a decent choice. Awesome review post.

    • Thank you Jo, that means a lot! As soon as I heard about the dessert hotel, I knew I had to stay there 😀 Ahh I’m so pleased you saw my Insta Story, I hope you get to experience glamping soon, it really is so much fun and I’m sure your girls would love it too!

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