About Me

Absolute WanderlustHi, my name’s Priti and this is my travel blog – Absolute Wanderlust!

I’ve always been passionate about travel, I’ve studied it, worked in the industry and over the years have become an incurable travel addict! Which is why I named my blog ABSOLUTE WANDERLUST 🙂

My husband Sanjay and I are part time travellers, we have our roots firmly planted in New Zealand, we work, own our own home and live reasonably average lives when we’re not travelling! We love being home and exploring our backyard just as much as we love to travel overseas!!

We aim to take at least four weeks off each year and travel, using our annual leave and public holidays. Whether it be one long break, four short ones or anything in between. We don’t backpack, it’s not our thing, instead we opt to stay in apartments, hotels and sometimes even luxury resorts – YES this is possible, even on an average income! (I’ll share more about how we do this later).

I look forward to sharing my travel experiences with you, the good and the bad. Where to go, what to do, how to get the best value for your money and tips on how to make your travel experiences even better!

Happy travels, Priti x

PS – Along with travel, I’m passionate about good food, whether it be from a street stall, a takeaway  joint or a fancy restaurant, I love it all! So don’t be surprised if I mention food/places to eat/places not to eat in my posts!